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My name is Jahkori Dopwell Hall, and I welcome you to my personal website. Ever since childhood, I have always been a creative person. I am a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida where I received a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration. Upon graduating from the High School of Art and Design in New York City, I went to Ringling to enhance my art skills and help me further my future career as a children's book illustrator and teaching artist. I currently work as an elementary art teacher and am working towards my Master's of Arts degree in Education at the University of Florida.

Being a young African American man, my identity is something that really resonates with me. The goal of my artwork is to make a statement and bring about positive change. My ideas come from a combination of my imagination and things that I’ve experienced in life. My roots and ancestral culture heavily influence the subject matter of my portfolio. I am capable of working in many different art mediums, but my personal favorite is traditional gouache. Seeing how the world changes every day, I am always inspired to create new, unique art that reflects my identity. Art in itself is amazing, but it is the beauty that is caught in the artwork that makes it worthwhile!

The piece under my headshot is an identity portrait I created titled "Painting My Roots." The artwork was created digitally using Adobe Photoshop and takes a conceptual approach to defining who I am and what I represent as a black artist. Through the use of symbols, I am able to illustrate the certain aspects of my life that make me who I am and paint my unique personal portrait. As an African American who creates art related to the black experience, I incorporate the black power fist front and center with a grasp on a paintbrush to symbolize my passion for art. Behind the fist is a wooden painter's palette cut into the shape of Africa and engraved with my name. I chose Africa, because that is the homeland of my ancestors. Towards the top of my design is the flag of the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where my mother's ancestry originated. Towards the bottom is the flag of the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, where my father's ancestry originated. I am very proud of my roots and they a big part of my identity!

Calendar Collection

Black History Year 2024

The third installment of a timeless classic that never gets old with fresh black history facts, artwork and poetry.



Out of stock

Black History Year 2023

This version of the Black History Year Calendar is no longer in production, please check out the new edition calendar for 2024.

Out of stock

Black History Year 2022

This version of the Black History Year Calendar is no longer in production, please check out the new edition calendar for 2024.

Julian Andrade


"These calendars are beautifully made with the illustrations, names, and fun facts for each day. I can’t wait to get through the whole thing!"

Philisha Mccain


“Just got my black history calendar. Get yours today, it's worth it. We don't see this in stores as much as we need. Support black businesses!”

Maxine Wells-Lewis


"Thank you so much for these magnificent calendars. Truly a work of art. Your are amazing and super talented and I'm happy to support your endeavors."

Robin Abdullah


"I am so proud to have a calendar. It's so creative of you, and I'm sure it was not easy. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your vision!"

Kiara Harris


“I just love, love, love my calendar Jahkori! It came just in time for black history month and it is a beautiful, informative work of art!”

Errol Chase


"I am in receipt of the calendar. It is truly amazing! Very happy to support you in this endeavor. All the best in the new year and beyond."

Niambi Kiesha


"This young man really did an amazing job pulling together our history. The imagery is amazing and it’s a good quality calendar"

Nicola Fennel


"Jahkori is one of my former students, so I bought one of his Black History Calendars in support. I love the original art and free gift!"

Melanie Clay


"Stunning calendars! I can see the pride you take in your work. I'll have my eyes peeled for the batch. Keep doing your thing, young king!"

Kelsey Green


“Thank you so much! I absolutely love everything you sent. I’ll definitely be diving into them even more since the detail of history each day is impeccable!"

Shamona Harris


”ORDER A CALENDAR IT'S TRULY ONE OF A KIND! This remarkable young man, Jahkori has literally left me speechless with his authentic art work!

Patricia Jones


“Cousin, I love my calendar and just ordered more for gifts! You are an amazing artist and are brilliant at gathering black history facts!”

Dahlia Davidson


"Thank you for making this calendar! I literally felt the love and hard work you put into this as I opened the box. I was wowed at the intricate details of each illustration! This is a history book!"

Tracey Gary


“You did an excellent job! I have followed your journey and I see your future being brighter than what it is now. Keep up the good work and letting your light shine through your work.“

Nickela Winfield


“The black history calendar is one for the books. This is not just a calendar, it’s a reminder of how the work is not done and an artistic summary of the black experience!”

Ah’Sharee Avant


“This calendar is a great way for black people to learn their history while looking beautiful illustrations. My favorite month is Melanin March because I have melanin and I’m proud!”

Neirda Thompson Pemberton


“Jahkori, let me tell you right now, you continue to impress me sir and I am so happy to know you.”

Vernon Ramirez


“This calendar is a well researched and very informative piece of work that's a must have for every home. Amazing indeed!”

Nichelle Fontnel


“This is the best calendar I've ever purchased. Every month has something about us. It's beautiful, it's black, it's rich in culture. One of a kind, you can't get this anywhere else!”

Donna Kirksey


“If you thought the calendars were beautiful pieces of moving art, then order your favorite in canvas wrap, you won't be disappointed. Let's keep supporting this young man. Keep on painting!"

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