Lesson 2: Cultural Still

Grade Level: 5

Estimated Completion Time: 45 min. 

Overview: Students will continue to explore the theme of communication and be introduced to the art topic of still life, observational drawing as well as learning acrylic painting techniques. In order to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and ideas explored, students will create an art piece that communicates their culture by painting a still life of a sentimental object. Students will be asked guiding questions in between the lessons that lead them towards an answer for the essential question. They will compare and contrast two different art pieces which connect to the lesson's theme and create an art piece that connects to the theme as well.

Week 1 - The first in-class worksheet students will receive will be related to the two art pieces they see and they will be writing down what cultures are communicated based on the objects the artists chose to depict in their still life.

Week 2 - After completing this worksheet, they will recieve a show and tell handout which they will fill out in accordance to the special item(s) they brought in for show and tell. They will be prompted to draw and answer questions about the item(s). The drawing they create will serve as a rough draft for their art activity.

Week 3 - Once the art project is completed, students will answer the following questions in their artist statement worksheet which will go alongside the artwork they have created.