The third installment of a timeless classic that never gets old with fresh black history facts, artwork and poetry.

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The Black History Year Calendar is a historical calendar that empowers and inspires you to celebrate a world of diverse history, heritage and culture all throughout the year.

Created by CEO and artist Jahkori Dopwell Hall, every month of the Black History Year has a theme attached to it and takes you on an educational journey through time, giving each day its own unique significance. This year's 2024 calendar has brand new illustrations, a new host of page designs and updated black history facts. This year you have the option to choose between a classic edition and special edition calendar which takes you behind the scenes of my calendar business journey.

Features and uses include:

• Original pattern designs and illustrations that make a statement on every page.

• Color coded events for every day of the year that allow you to learn and track important dates through history. 

• Original rhyming poetry to inspire the heart and soul. 

• New titles for every month 

• And much more!