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My name is Jahkori Dopwell Hall, also known as Jahko and I welcome you to my art website. Ever since childhood, I have been creative. I am an alumni of the High School of Art and Design as well as the Ringling College of Art and Design where I received a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration. I am currently  working towards my Masters of Arts Degree in Art Education, while employed as an Elementary Art Teacher and Volunteer Teaching Artist.

Being an African American, my identity is something that really resonates with me and is reflected through my artwork. The goal of my artistry is to make a statement and bring about positive change in the community. My ideas come from a combination of my imagination and things that I’ve experienced in life. My roots and ancestral culture heavily influence the subject matter of my portfolio. Seeing how the world changes every day, I am always inspired to create new, unique art. Art in itself is amazing, but it is the beauty that is caught in the artwork that makes it worthwhile!